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External Audit

Date : 13/12/2014

External Audit

Rather than rolling out a standard process, we can provide you with an external audit that is tailored to suit your needs and those of your business, conducted with clarity and assurance.


Value added Audit approach

We strongly believe that the audit, although a statutory requirement, can add value to client organisations and assist management in their decision-making process. Our approach to audit is to ensure that each project is well planned and produces no surprises.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of service based on long-term,director-led client relationships. We strive to provide imaginative yet-pragmatic advice and solutions, derived from a thorough understanding of our clients' needs. This is made possible by the quality of our people and our depth of expertise at all levels.

We offer the following external audits:

Statutory audit

we offer statutory audits to all entities, including AIM-listed companies, all sizes of private company, Limited Liability Partnerships and charities of a certain size and criteria which are required by law to have their financial statements audited.

Non-statutory audit

A non-statutory audit is an audit that is not required by law and will be offered to sole traders, partnerships, small companies, clubs and certain charities.


We are approved auditors for non-regulated entities operating from the Saudi Arabia International Financial Center.


Our audit opinion is based on the International Financial Reporting Standards. We provide an insight into the financial status of the company and not merely to comply with local statutory and compliance requirements of an audit. We provide annual, interim and periodic audits as maybe requested by theclients

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