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Covid-19 outbreak ad GAZT efforts

Date : 7/4/2020

Covid-19outbreak ad GAZT efforts


 As part of themassive efforts to mitigate the impact of the COVID -19 pandemic on theeconomic activities of the Kingdom, the Government of Saudi Arabia hasannounced several measures targeted specifically at taxpayers that are designedto ease filing and payment requirements for a limited period.

 The General Authorityfor Zakat and Tax (GAZT) introduced a general postponement of tax filing andassociated payment obligations for registered taxpayers of three months for thefollowing taxes: Zakat, income tax, withholding tax, Value Added Tax and Excisetax for filings and payments due in the period from 18 March to 30 June 2020 asfollows:

Tax/Zakat: return filing dates will bepostponed until 31 July for taxpayers with a December year end, certificateswill be issued without restrictions for the year 2019.

VAT: return filing dates will be postponeduntil 30 June, 31 July, 31 August, 30 September for the February, March, Apriland May VAT periods.

Excise: payments due on goods importedduring the postponement period can be delayed but the importer must submitmonthly temporary returns to GAZT.

WHT: filing dates for submission of returnsare now 10 July, August and September for the March, April and May periods.

Delay penalties: taxpayers are exempted fromdelay penalties for the submission of returns and the associated payments forall taxes mentioned above that fall due within the period starting from 18March to 30 June 2020.

Payments suspended: payments due such asdelay and amendments penalties are suspended.

Refund payments: refunds due to taxpayersare to be expedited.


Zakat and tax returnfor the fiscal year 2019





31 DEC 2019

29 APRIL 2020

29 JULY 2020


Withholding tax (“WHT”)




MARCH 2020

10 APRIL 2020

10 JULY 2020

APRIL 2020

10 MAY 2020

10 AUGUST 2020

MAY 2020

10 JUNE 2020

10 SEP 2020


The returns due after May 2020 willnot change, and their due dates will remain the same. Due date for filing June2020 WHT return will be 10 July 2020.


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