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Agriculture & forestry

Date : 4/8/2022

Agriculture & forestry

A growing global population, pressure on land use, environmental concerns, and scientific developments are leading to major changes in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

Member firms across the UHY network have extensive experience in working with clients across the industry and its supply chain. 

From small-scale farming operations and estates through to global agricultural operations, our specialists have an in-depth understanding of the unique issues faced.

Proactive advice is provided concerning areas such as succession planning, often a key consideration for family-owned farming enterprises and related businesses.

The growing use of agricultural and forest commodities as a source of energy is creating challenges and opportunities for the sector and our specialists can help clients looking to develop new income streams through wind, solar and anaerobic digestion generation.


A decline in the availability of arable farming land and forests is creating pressure on the sector across the world. Estimates suggest that agricultural output needs to double during the next 30 years to meet the growing demand for food.

Against that backdrop, businesses operating in the sector are increasingly expected to look to build economies of scale across international markets and develop partnerships to maximize opportunities.

The wide reach of the UHY network means member firms can provide insight and guidance drawn from across the world to help clients assess and react to the global changes underway.