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Education & services

Date : 4/8/2022

Education & services

With the rapid growth in the provision and structural change taking place across the training and education sector, UHY member firms are providing a greater range of services to a wider variety of clients.

Globalization has led to increased demands for formal education, with many institutions in the developed world taking advantage of opportunities to establish footholds in new markets.

The advent of e-learning is also driving huge growth in areas such as hardware and software development and remote provision of educational services.

A growing focus on the importance of developing knowledge-based economies and increasing awareness of health and safety issues is leading to a major expansion of the training sector. UHY member firms work with many businesses providing skills-based services and accreditation to industries and professions.


Pressure on public sector spending means clients are increasingly looking at more effective ways of maximizing their budgets and reducing liabilities.

Although many clients operate within the public sector, they increasingly provide a range of commercial services and draw on the expertise our member firms provide to private sector clients.

UHY member firms work with a wide range of educational providers including schools, colleges, academies, and universities, and have significant experience in accountancy issues specific to the sector.

Specialists help education sector clients in areas such as IT infrastructure investment and risk management.