Zakat and tax advice

We have a specialized department for zakat and tax consulting services based on a team of zakat and tax experts Make believe: - We are ready to advise you on tax matters and assist our clients in making their decisions. Zakat and tax in a professional manner that complies with the regulations. - Registering clients with the Zakat, Tax, Customs Authority and companies to assist them in carrying out internal audit work. - Preparing accounting and financial systems for customers and ensuring their compatibility with zakat and tax systems. - Preparing Zakat, income tax, withholding tax and value-added tax returns for our customers. - Review the zakat and tax assessments for customers issued by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority and prepare objections thereon. - Assisting our clients by issuing zakat and tax certificates. - Assisting our customers in responding to the inquiries of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, - Representing clients in the procedures of objection and appeal against zakat and tax assessments, training and developing awareness and knowledge in the field of Zakat and tax systems for our customers.

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