Financial & Management Consulting

The business environment requires the presence of security and stability factors, so financial and administrative consulting works to improve its performance By analyzing problems, developing organizational improvement plans, helping to manage organizational change, and developing Skills and training, technology implementation, strategy development and improvement of operational services. - There are many political, economic and social variables that have a clear impact on the success or failure of investment work Therefore, our office strives to achieve positive and promising results for our clients.

Corporate Governance

It means rules for leading and directing companies, including mechanisms to regulate the various relationships between the board of directors and managers Executives, shareholders and stakeholders by setting special rules and procedures to facilitate the decision-making process and impart The nature of transparency and credibility in order to protect the rights of shareholders and stakeholders and achieve justice and competitiveness and transparency in the market and business environment.

Tax Services

Tax services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are one of the most important government services provided by the General Authority of Zakat and Tax, and include many services that help citizens and residents to comply with taxes and pay their fees. Among the tax services provided in Saudi Arabia are: Tax Registration: Individuals and businesses can register themselves in the VAT and Income Tax system online. Submission of tax returns: Companies and individuals are required to submit periodic tax returns in accordance with the tax laws and regulations in the Kingdom. Pay Tax Fees: Individuals and businesses can identify and pay the tax fees due online or through authorized banks and financial institutions. Tax Inquiry: Individuals and businesses can inquire about any tax matter through the various communication channels available, such as phone calls, email, and SMS. Providing tax assistance: The tax law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides some tax exceptions and exemptions for some individuals and companies, and the tax office can provide beneficiaries with the necessary information about these exceptions and exemptions.

Review and audit services

The Audit and Audit Department carries out its work in accordance with international standards for auditing, examination and other assurances and related services The relationship approved by the Saudi Organization for Auditors and Accountants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to the services of Internal auditing, and providing all professional services professionally through experienced and highly qualified professional cadres to meet The needs of our clients and help them achieve their goals. Planning the audit process: - Understand the facility environment and assess the risks surrounding it Understand and evaluate internal control systems and risk identification, tests Internal Control System and Re-Assessment of Control Risks, Audit and Audit Phase, Reporting Phase Examination of confirmations and taking agreed actions: - In the event that our clients wish to carry out some specific actions, we carry out these tasks after determining the scope and purpose of these procedures and users benefiting from our report because they are responsible for the adequacy of these procedures in accordance with the standards issued About the Saudi Organization for Auditors and Accountants.

Internal auditing, restructuring and establishing control systems

We are assigned by some clients to carry out internal audit work for their facilities, and until this activity is practiced, it is The following steps are followed in combination or parts thereof as desired by the customer Secondment of qualified and experienced employees to work under the supervision of institutions and companies to assist them in the implementation internal reference work. Establishment, establishment and development of internal audit units, risk assessment and preparation of the annual audit plan Carrying out the internal audit work in full through qualified and experienced work teams. Internal audit implementation services. Reviewing the performance of the internal audit units. Corporate governance consulting. Consultations for the preparation of financial and administrative policies, procedures, and regulations.

Zakat and tax advice

We have a specialized department for zakat and tax consulting services based on a team of zakat and tax experts Make believe: - We are ready to advise you on tax matters and assist our clients in making their decisions. Zakat and tax in a professional manner that complies with the regulations. - Registering clients with the Zakat, Tax, Customs Authority and companies to assist them in carrying out internal audit work. - Preparing accounting and financial systems for customers and ensuring their compatibility with zakat and tax systems. - Preparing Zakat, income tax, withholding tax and value-added tax returns for our customers. - Review the zakat and tax assessments for customers issued by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority and prepare objections thereon. - Assisting our clients by issuing zakat and tax certificates. - Assisting our customers in responding to the inquiries of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, - Representing clients in the procedures of objection and appeal against zakat and tax assessments, training and developing awareness and knowledge in the field of Zakat and tax systems for our customers.

Liquidation of companies and inheritance

Works aimed at ending the ongoing processes of settlement of all rights and debts, related parties and obligations towards third parties, which are assigned by judicial and governmental authorities, in accordance with the statutory procedures.

Bankruptcy business

- The Bankruptcy Law is the system for regulating bankruptcy cases within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - It includes seven main procedures related to various bankruptcy cases. - Preventive settlement. - Financial reorganization. -Filtering. - Protective settlement of small debtors. - Financial reorganization of small debtors. - Liquidation of small debtors.

Judicial receivership

It is known that the work of judicial receivership is assigned to us by the judicial authorities, which determines our field of work and be This is in accordance with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations. It should be noted that all our work is under the umbrella Judicial and in a way that helps to preserve the funds of establishments and their assets of real estate or movable and manage them in accordance with what preserves the money It achieves the development of enterprises without infringement or negligence.

Off-plan Selling

- Review and audit the financial documents necessary for disbursement operations on the project Follow-up and audit of private financial statements with the values of the sold units and ensuring that they have been deposited in the escrow account Approving the transfer or disbursement of any amounts of money in accordance with what is stated in Escrow Account Regulations Audit and approve the financial payment document necessary for disbursement on the project, submit quarterly reports to the Committee on the financial and accounting operations of the escrow account, the list of the financial position of the project and the disbursements from the account The guarantee is accompanied by the necessary documents.

Economic Feasibility Studies

- The office prepares economic feasibility studies for projects, whether projects to be established or studies Feasibility required systemically such as economic feasibility studies for a service, commercial or industrial project as well as feasibility studies For non-profit enterprise projects. - The feasibility study aims to determine the extent to which the project can be implemented and successful and clarify the required investments And the expected return and external influences on the project such as state laws, competition and technical development, studies The economic feasibility of projects is one of the important and very influential factors when choosing a new investment project where The main objective of the feasibility study is to study the possibility of establishing the project and achieving the maximum possible return from resources available and achieve profits or return that exceed the cost invested in it and reach a final decision to accept or reject the idea.

Accounting Registration

Accounting registration. Submit periodic accounting reports. Preparing periodic review balances. Work and supervise accounting evidence. Prepare financial statements for the contracted financial periods. Finding appropriate financial solutions in accordance with recognized standards, regulations and laws Applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Customs Objections and Certificates of Origin

Accounting registration. Submit periodic accounting reports. Preparing periodic trial balances. Work and supervise the accounting evidence. Preparing the financial statements for the contracted financial periods. Finding appropriate financial solutions in accordance with generally accepted standards, regulations and laws applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Local Content

Local content is a national agenda that contributes to all economic segments In its development and empowerment, starting from members of society to the private sector and the sector General. - The Commission has defined a national and comprehensive definition of local content, and this has been issued Definition in the organizational arrangements of the Authority issued by the Council of Ministers, It is the total spending in Saudi Arabia through the participation of Saudi elements in manpower, goods, services, and assets Productivity, technical. - Local content in a simplified way is to preserve as much as possible of the money spent on purchases within the Kingdom by categories Targeted, whether government or private agencies, or even members of society.

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