Review and audit services

The Audit and Audit Department carries out its work in accordance with international standards for auditing, examination and other assurances and related services The relationship approved by the Saudi Organization for Auditors and Accountants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to the services of Internal auditing, and providing all professional services professionally through experienced and highly qualified professional cadres to meet The needs of our clients and help them achieve their goals. Planning the audit process: - Understand the facility environment and assess the risks surrounding it Understand and evaluate internal control systems and risk identification, tests Internal Control System and Re-Assessment of Control Risks, Audit and Audit Phase, Reporting Phase Examination of confirmations and taking agreed actions: - In the event that our clients wish to carry out some specific actions, we carry out these tasks after determining the scope and purpose of these procedures and users benefiting from our report because they are responsible for the adequacy of these procedures in accordance with the standards issued About the Saudi Organization for Auditors and Accountants.

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