Tax Services

Tax services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are one of the most important government services provided by the General Authority of Zakat and Tax, and include many services that help citizens and residents to comply with taxes and pay their fees. Among the tax services provided in Saudi Arabia are: Tax Registration: Individuals and businesses can register themselves in the VAT and Income Tax system online. Submission of tax returns: Companies and individuals are required to submit periodic tax returns in accordance with the tax laws and regulations in the Kingdom. Pay Tax Fees: Individuals and businesses can identify and pay the tax fees due online or through authorized banks and financial institutions. Tax Inquiry: Individuals and businesses can inquire about any tax matter through the various communication channels available, such as phone calls, email, and SMS. Providing tax assistance: The tax law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides some tax exceptions and exemptions for some individuals and companies, and the tax office can provide beneficiaries with the necessary information about these exceptions and exemptions.

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